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Maddy Platt, Singer-songwriter


Maddy Platt is an year old singer-songwriter from Guelph, Ontario. Her love for music started at a young age and has progressed even further over the years. At 9 years old, she taught herself to play piano and has been adding to her musical repertoire ever since. Although she has many instruments under her belt, her main focuses are vocals and writing songs. Since 2007, she has been expanding her knowledge and skills in both singing and songwriting. Her unique style and take on “singer-songwriter/pop crossover” has the attention of many local venues, music festivals as well as online. Some of her musical influences include: Alessia Cara, John Mayer and Ruth B. Her passion for music has led her to branch out and search for performance opportunities as well as apply for post-secondary musical performance programs.

Natasha Gray, Violinist and vocalist


Violinist and vocalist Natasha Gray is years old, and lives in Guelph, Ontario. Due to her love for music, songwriting and performance, she has been taking vocal and instrumental music lessons and has been participating in theatre productions for the vast majority of her life. She began studying violin when she was 4 years old, which has led her to join local orchestras and chamber groups. Her flair for musical composition motivated her to teach herself ukelele in 2015. She is mostly influenced by pop, singer-songwriter and folk music and her inspirations include Pentatonix, dodie, and Dar Williams. Natasha’s passion for creating has driven her to post music online, and as a result, she has been requested to perform at a variety of local venues.